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Chingola to get $2.5m Kunda stream dam

US$2.5 million is expected to be invested in the construction of an earth dam to be used for irrigation and animal watering by D&A Farm Limited in Chingola.
The proposed earth fill dam will be located on Kunda stream, which is within the 2,300 hectares belonging to D&A Farm Limited.
According to the environmental impact assessment report submitted by D&A Farm Limited to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency and obtained by the Daily Mail, the project will have a lifespan of 30 years.
“D&A Farm Limited intends to construct an earth fill dam on Kunda stream in Chingola .The proposed site is about 20 kilometres away from Chingola central business district (CBD), 14 kilometres from Chambeshi CBD and four kilometres of the Kitwe-Chingola dual carriageway. The capital cost for construction of the dam and equipment is US$2.5 million,” the report reads.
The report states that the project will involve construction of an earth-fill dam with a capacity of 2.1 million cubic metres and will store water for irrigation and animal watering.
Under the implementation of the project, centre pivots will be installed for plant irrigation, while dam wall will have a height of 21 .50 metres above the riverbed, 750 metres long with a crest width of four metres and built up to a level of 1,267.5 metres above sea level.
Some of the activities during the implementation of the project will include physical works associated with site preparation, construction, operational and closure phases.
Meanwhile, the scope of work for the construction and operation of the dam will consist of clearing of the site to prepare for construction works, sourcing and purchasing of construction materials.
Other works are transportation of materials to the site, construction of dam foundations and core trench, installation of centre pivots and construction of the spillway, among others.