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Chingola taxi driver dragged to court for adultery

A RESIDENT of Chiwempala township in Chingola has dragged a taxi-driver to the local court for allegedly having an affair with his wife.
Rabson Kambalamba sued Anderson Kamalata on allegation that he committed adultery with his wife.
Kambalamba told the court that his wife changed her behaviour last year and avoided failing to pick up calls in his presence whenever her cell phone rang.
Kambalamba told senior Chingola local court magistrate Douglas Kakunta, sitting with Merit Bwalya that his daughter narrated to him that Kamalata came to their house whenever he was at work.
“I have been hearing rumours until one day my daughter told me that Kamalata enters my house when I am not around and gives my wife some money, “he said.
He complained that Kamalata has destroyed his marriage because he rents a house for his wife and children.
“My wife has even shifted. Even Kamalata’s wife told me that her husband is having an affair with my wife,” he said.
Kamalata denied the allegations, saying that as a taxi driver he had a lot of clients including women.
“I met his wife at Chiwempala market and she asked for my number so that she could call me whenever she wanted to go somewhere. That very day we met, she called me and I took her home, “he said.
He said that when Kambalamba found Kamalata’s number in his wife’s phone, he called him and accused him of having an affair with his wife.
“I explained to him, but he did not believe me, he took me to the Victim Support Unit and we resolved this thing, but I am surprised I am appearing in court today over the same matter, “he said.
Kambalamba’s wife Annie Mweemba, 28, narrated to the court that her husband is a jealous man and accuses her of committing adultery without proper evidence.
“I left my husband because he is a jealous man and he threatened to stab me. I explained to him that Kamalata is a taxi driver, but he does not believe me, “she said.
Mr Kakunta adjourned the matter to February 15, this year to give chance to Kambalamba’s daughter to testify.