Letter to the Editor

Chingola South shopping mall invaded

Dear editor,
IT IS sad that the planned and demarcated piece of land reserved for the Chingola South Shopping Mall has been invaded and sold by some civic leaders in collaboration with some Chingola council employees for their own benefits.The invasion, which has seen these councillors and employees buy vehicles, has now compelled them to start harassing people in the open space near the gardens to create plots for them to sell.
We appeal to the Member of Parliament Mathew Nkhuwa and top Chingola leadership to stop this rot before it gets totally out of hand.
The settlers near the garden in the open space area were, prior to elections, promised that their pieces of land would be properly demarcated and legalised so that they are, too, given offer letters.
Alas, that is not the state of affairs on the ground right now.
We, therefore, appeal to the relevant authorities to bring this rot to a halt immediately.
Why should serving councillors start demarcating land earmarked for a shopping mall and then start harassing innocent people by the garden open spaces with impunity?
Where does this leave the poor voters in terms of land ownership? Will land in Zambia just be for the elite and politicians?
Why are people just used to advance civic leaders’ ascendance into offices and then be dumped like hot potatoes when it pleases politicians?

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