Letter to the Editor

Chingola riots could have been avoided

Dear editor,
FIRST and foremost it is sad that Chingola district experienced a day of sadness and unruly behaviour, the situation that is not good for any civil society.
It is sad that just in a day, there was so much damage to properties and people’s emotions that will not be very easy to erase from their brain.
This was also a day that opportunists took advantage of the riot to advance their ego.
The status quo of the district has been pathetic where businesses have suffocated to their knees without any light of hope soon, making nearly everyone desperate to make a living.
The district has also seen a rise in suspected ritual killings using machetes on innocent lives, reports that have been always reported to police and sometimes assailants are even apprehended by the community members using citizen arrest and taken to police.
The hackings are of ritual nature in that the assailants don’t get anything when they break in homes but just hack victims and sometimes rape female victims.
The killings have been going on in the district and residents have been doing their best to report to police for prosecution but the frustration is when they are told police are not trained to catch a witch or ritual killer without giving them the way forward.
This statement alone to the aggrieved members is dangerous and my appeal therefore is for those in authority to always endeavour finding civil ways of communicating to the aggrieved.
This has left the community speculate and even act at any slight information heard, right or wrong.
Lack of information on what is being done to end the hackings and loss of lives in Chingola has left every household in defensive mood, which is very dangerous for our society.
Rumour mongering has found solace in people’s brains.
My appeal to the relevant authorities is to embrace the complaints of the people when and as reported and not wait for a situation to knock on the door to avoid the ‘cure’ but embrace the ‘prevention’ syndromes.
It is sad that right now we are going to again be preoccupied addressing the riot that occurred, yet much energy should be directed to resolve what prompted the riot, which is the root cause; RITUAL HACKINGS AND KILLINGS.

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