Letter to the Editor

Chingola Municipal Council clears air over plots

Dear editor,
A NUMBER of plots were demarcated in 1994 and given as smallholding farms.The said farm plots were given on title of 15 years lease which the developers were supposed to renew after the same period.
However, what happened was that after 15 years elapsed, some people were not interested in renewing, which made some plots remain undeveloped.
This made most pieces of land to be occupied by absentee landlords.
The council then intervened since we are agents of land through the Ministry of Lands and asked the Commissioner of Lands to avail us with the list of people who were occupying some pieces of land at the aforementioned area and re-entered it.
The Ministry of Lands took a further step by doing a thorough research and it was discovered that the physically challenged had started encroaching on some pieces of land without any papers.
This also led to some unscrupulous people starting using the same disabled people to get land. So, as the council, we held a meeting with the disabled and warned them not get land illegally, and that as council, we were going to see how best we were going to assist them.
The land that we have advertised is not occupied by any disabled person.
Therefore we would want to give a stern warning that those who are using these people for smear campaigns will be brought to book.
In addition, 15 people have arrested in connection with selling of plots at Gymkhana and after further investigations, dockets will be opened.
The same people are believed to be the masterminds in most illegal allocations of plots in Chingola district.
Chingola Mayor

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