Chingola farmers receive e-vouchers

GOVERNMENT has begun distributing electronic vouchers (e-vouchers) to over 9,000 farmers in Chingola for this farming season.
Chingola district agriculture co-ordinator Philip Kalima yesterday urged the farmers to collect their cards on time.
“I am urging farmers in the district to collect their cards soon so that they can buy the farming inputs on time,” he said.
The e-voucher cards will help farmers access fertiliser and seed under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).
Mr Kalima said the issuance of e-voucher is on-going and farmers have been given an opportunity to choose the kind of farming inputs to buy.
He said the e-voucher programme is cost-effective and farmers can buy a variety of inputs.
“Government has sent out the e-voucher card in the district which will benefit a total of 9,099 farmers in the mining district,” he said.
Mr Kalima said the e-voucher will address the challenge of late delivery of inputs as it has allowed farmers to deal with agro dealers directly.
“This system is good for farmers because they are able to choose what they want to buy themselves. And farmers are happy with the programme. Instead of bringing inputs here, farmers will just buy for themselves depending on the type of crops they want to cultivate,” he said.
Mr Kalima said the programme is beneficial and will not limit farmers to only one kind of crop but that they will choose what they want to plant.
He said farmers will also be encouraged to diversify through the e-voucher system.


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