Chingola eyes Muchinsi area for agro activities

CHINGOLA Municipal Council has identified a farmland in Muchinshi area along Chingola-Solwezi Road earmarked for promotion of agricultural activities in the mining town, town clerk George Mulenga has said.
Mr Mulenga said the district has arable farmland which should be utilised to the fullest to improve farming in the district.
“The council is now finalising the plan to start demarcating farm plots in the area for agricultural activities,” he said.
Currently, the district has over 12,000 farmers who are contributing positively towards the national food basket.
Mr Mulenga said in Chingola recently that the council wants to play an important role in the development of agriculture.
“Apart from allocating plots to farmers, [the council has also earmarked land for] commercial, industrial and residential in the area,” he said.
Mr Mulenga has also called on the business community in Chingola to approach the council to partner on various developmental projects through public private partnership (PPP) programmes.
“PPP programmes have worked in other districts, for instance, in Ndola where the local authority has partnered with the private company to manage the parking slots in the central business district,” he said.
Mr Mulenga also cited Kafubu Mall in Ndola as being among other projects which are under PPP.
He also called on other investors to consider investing in Chingola to enhance economic growth of the town.
Mr Mulenga further said a shopping mall whose works are almost completed is expected to be opened in Chingola by end of November this year.
“A number of jobs will be created for the local people. we need such green investment in Chingola for continued economic growth,” he said.

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