Letter to the Editor

Chingola Chamber of commerce awards needs credible judges

Dear editor,
I WRITE to implore Chingola Chamber of Commerce and Industry to seriously go to the drawing board and come up with credible judges to determine deserving recipients of their annual awards.
It surely raises a lot of eye-brows as to why for instance Borrodale Hotel could not win an award and yet it is a marvel and classy hotel in Chingola. Those who have been there can attest to this and therefore it beats me to think the hotel could not win an award under the Hospitality category.
It actually deserved to be the winners of Hospitality category in Chingola last Friday yet it was not anywhere near, nor was it even one of the contenders.
It is with this after-thought reflection that I feel the Chamber should take interest in seriously scrutinising the judges and make them declare interests where need be for the awards to be truly worth a talk.
There could be many more awards that went to questionable recipients at the expense of deserving ones.
The Chamber itself is doing a commendable job for the industries and people of Chingola but risks being overshadowed because of the aforesaid.
Let deserving industries be awarded accordingly.

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