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Chinese ladies form union

A CHINESE Ladies Union has been formed to foster business connections and create a bridge between Chinese and Zambian women.
Gieng Hailing, the wife of China’s Ambassador to Zambia, said the organisation has been tasked to create friendship and links between Zambian and Chinese women.
“The Zambian women are as great as the Chinese women. They are friendly, warm-hearted, hardworking, devoted to their goals and trying hard to make a contribution to the country,” she said.
Ms Gieng said in the past 50 years since the country’s independence, Zambian women have made great efforts in protecting their own rights, their families and their country.
She said women are becoming more important in the country and is hopeful that Chinese women in Zambia and their Zambian counterparts will strengthen their understanding and friendship.
And Deputy Minister of Traditional and Chiefs Affairs Susan Kawandami is hopeful that the women of the two countries will exchange ideas and learn from each other’s experiences.
Ms Kawandami said the ideas the two countries will share should enable the women to build on best practices that could help reduce poverty.
She said the formation of the Chinese Ladies Union has come at the right time when the Patriotic Front Government is getting more women in decision-making positions and empowering them with funds to start up businesses.