Chinese envoy hails Zambia ties

CHINESE Foreign Minister Wang Yi says the existing warm relations between his country and Zambia present a historic opportunity for development.
In a congratulatory letter dated October 20, 2014 addressed to Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba, Mr Wang said there exists a deep and traditional friendship between China and Zambia.
“Zambia was the first country in southern Africa to establish diplomatic relations with China. Over the past 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the two countries have maintained healthy and smooth development,” Mr Wang said.
He said at present, China-Zambia relations are facing a historic opportunity of development.
He said the traditional friendship would deepen cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, humanities and others so as to bring the China-Zambia relations to a new high.
He said China has helped Zambia even in a circumstances where it had no money.
Mr Wang said China has helped Zambia with capital projects such as the construction of the Tanzania-Zambia Railways.

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