Letter to the Editor

Chilufya deserves re-adoption in 2021 elections

Dear editor,
MINISTER of Health and Mansa Central constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Chitalu Chilufya is one of the hard-working ministers who deserve to be re-adopted in the 2021 general elections.
Dr Chilufya carries out his ministerial duties diligently and finds time to visit his constituency.
Mansa Central has witnessed tremendous development.
Health posts, roads and schools have been constructed from the time Dr Chilufya was elected as area MP.
He has initiated a number of economic empowerment programmes targeting women, youths and other vulnerable people.
At the Ministry of Health, he is working with technocrats and partners like Global Fund, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and World Health Organisation (WHO), among others, to ensure that people across the country access health services.
Dr Chilufya is a tested leader whose works speak volumes; he has delivered development in his constituency and at the same time, he has scored success in the Ministry of Health.
This can be attested by the number of reforms that have been put in place and people are able to see.
These include scaling down of HIV/AIDS infection, decline in maternal deaths, adherence to taking anti-retroviral therapy, and the drop in malaria infection, among others.
To be a leader is one thing and to perform is another. Kudos to Dr Chilufya.

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