Letter to the Editor

Chililabombwe council should come out of slumber

Dear editor,
THE many strides made by Chililabombwe Municipal Council during the reign of former mayor Paul Kabuswe have really slowed down.It is like council has gone to sleep and we are wondering what the mayor and the town clerk are doing about the many challenges residents are facing in the mining town.
Collection of garbage is a thing of the past now. Did Paul Kabuswe go away with the ideas? Do they want the member of Parliament to have new roles of collecting garbage, clearing drainage, maintaining the parks and sweeping the streets in Chililabombwe?
There is a demarcation in the roles of council and member of Parliament hence the need for the mayor and town clerk to up their game and improve on service delivery. Lastly, the road to the new cemetery in Kawama needs to be graded now.

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