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Chileshe punches back at critics

ZAMBIA Boxing Federation (ZBF) president Thomas Chileshe is disappointed that his predecessor Stephen Simpemba is against his candidature for Saturday’s elective annual general meeting.
Chileshe said in Kitwe yesterday that he enjoys support from councillors countrywide and those making ‘noise’ from his opponent Kennedy Mubita’s camp do not vote.
Chileshe is being challenged by his deputy Mubita, who is being backed by the Midlands Amateur Boxing Association and their counterparts on the Copperbelt and Southern Province.
On Tuesday, Simpemba advised Chileshe to withdraw his candidature to preserve his integrity.
“I am very disappointed with Mr Simpemba because he is not my spokesperson and, if anything, if he wanted to advise me, he should have come to me and ask me why I am standing.
“My reason for standing is that I would not want to sell off ZBF to professionals and that is why I am defending ZBF because if I neglect and give up there will be no ZBF.  It will be composed of professionals. That is why I am standing very firm, then after the elections I can identify somebody who can safeguard the interest of amateur boxing,” Chileshe said.
He said he has enough support to win elections billed for Nyaka Lodge in Kabwe.
Chileshe also took a swipe at some professional promoters who want to hijack amateur boxing.
He said the professional boxing managers do not mean well for boxing.
And Mubita has vowed to uplift the standards of the sport if elected into office.
Mubita said in an interview from Kabwe yesterday that time has come to bring life to the sport.
“I am a leader with clean hands. I feel my time has come to give people what they have been longing for. I will ensure that everyone is involved in the matters concerning boxing because I cannot run the federation alone. I shall never move alone but with the rest of our affiliates. We want in years to come to have something to point at,” he said.

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