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Chileshe Bwalya ready to leave mark

HER debut album, Talitha Cumi released last May, was well received by gospel fans and shot to number one on the Sounds Top 20 local music chart.
Gospel artist, Chileshe Bwalya may be fresh on the local music scene but seems poised to leave her mark.
Her album’s title, Talitha Cumi is an Aramaic phrase which means “Little Girl Arise.” The album contains 12 tracks and was jointly produced by Ikonik studios and Ben Blazer.
Chileshe shared in a Weekend Mail interview that Talitha Cumi refers to resurrection or the birth of the album as a testimony of how God has raised her from death to life.
“Even the concept of the album is like a resurrection and I am basically referring to situations that point to this,” she said.
The album features songs about marriage, broken homes, lost dreams and songs of worship, all of which reflect the album’s theme of resurrection.
Chileshe began recording the album in the first quarter of the year and wrote some of the songs on the album with some help from other artists such as Ephraim, who also features on the album.
Although she is yet to confirm album tour dates, Chileshe has so far had the privilege to perform alongside more established gospel acts such as Ephraim and Damiano.
She cites prophet Humphey Mwale as her musical inspiration adding: “He is the one who taught me a lot in terms of music.”
While pursuing a solo music career, the calm toned singer is simultaneously a member of the Miracles by Fire Praise team whose debut album, The Anointing occupied the number one position on the Sounds Top 20 chart earlier this year.
Chileshe started singing when she was only three years old at school concerts and talent shows. However, it was not until last year that she entered a studio and began singing professionally.

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