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Children deserve better treatment, stop torture

IT BOGGLES my mind to read about parents or guardians who torture children for one reason or the other.
Whatever the reason, a fully-grown person may have to inflict pain on a child to a point of death or even death itself, will never be justified.
Those innocent souls are but children, still learning what life is about under the guidance of those who have passed through life to know the good and the bad.
I am a mother, and I know that children can sometimes drive you up the wall but still do not turn violent on them.
Sometimes, I think parents or guardians act irrationally because of frustrations. There is no one in life that has had it smooth sailing.
At one point or the other, one is bound to feel frustrated but what good will it do to take out that frustration on innocent children.
Yes, times may at times be rough but should children suffer for such happenings.
Only recently, police in Chililabombwe arrested a 31-year-old man for allegedly beating his four-year-old step-daughter to death for eating his mice.
Timothy Chisenga of Chewe township, near Kasumbalesa border post, allegedly beat his daughter using a stick on May 5, 2015 as punishment for eating his mice.
The girl, Veloca Ilunga, sustained injuries and later died at Kakoso District Hospital, where she was admitted. Copperbelt deputy commissioner of police Byemba Musole confirmed this development.
It is not that children should not be disciplined for their wrongs but what kind of discipline results in a child losing their life.
Let’s assume the child ate the mice – most probably because she was hungry – would someone be filled with so much anger as to kill that child.
This takes me to another incident at one of the clinics in Lusaka where an eight-year-old child had her hands pressed on a red-hot stove by her aunt for allegedly stealing a K1 coin.
It took people within the community to take the child to the clinic while the aunt fled for fear of being arrested by police.
The aunt is actually a sister of the child’s late mother.  In our African tradition, that child is not even a niece but her daughter.
So if this woman could do this to her own ‘daughter’, one wonders what kind of torture children not related to her go through.
If this woman who allegedly burnt this child’s hands thinks fleeing will rescue her from the long arm of the law, I am certain she has another thing coming.
When I read or hear about the violent activities that go on within and outside homes, my conclusion is that people are so full of bitterness and lack inner peace.
Let’s learn to resolve issues amicably. People should also learn not to harbour so much hate. It’s sad that, instead of protecting these children, some parents vent their frustrations on innocent and vulnerable souls. To be where we are today as adults, means someone took care of us. Parents and guardians should hold these children dearly.
On that sad note, until next week don’t forget to keep in touch.

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