Chikankata gets K500m Land Development Fund

GOVERNMENT has released K500 million Land Development Fund (LDF) for basic service provision in the newly-created Chikankata district in Southern Province.
The funds will be used to execute water supply projects and upgrading of township roads in Chikankata.
Chikankata district commissioner Sylvester Simayaba said Government, through the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, has released the funds to improve water supply in Chikankata.
He said in an interview yesterday that Southern Water and Sewerage Company (SWSC) is implementing the projects in Chikankata.
Mr Simayaba said once completed, the project will enable Government to provide adequate water supply to the residents of Chikankata.
part of the funds will go towards upgrading of dilapidated roads in townships.
“Government’s move to release the funds is a great and positive development. The money will be used for various tangible development projects, which will help improve the outlook of this newly created district,” he said.
land surveyors are already on site.
“The people of Chikankata are very grateful to President Lungu for his resolve to uplifting their welfare through continued delivery of many development project in the district,” Mr Simayaba said.

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