Chikankata CBD construction nears completion


CONSTRUCTION of the Chikankata central business district consisting of government offices and housing units for civil servants has reached about 90 percent completion level, district council secretary Damson Mukwato has said.
Mr Mukwato said Chikankata is poised for massive growth, infrastructural and economic-wise, because it is receiving an equal share of development from the central government.
He said in an interview that most infrastructure developments for the central business district in Chikankata are at roof level and government workers are likely to occupy the new offices and houses by next month.
Government has engaged several local contractors to build a district administration block, civic centre, and two executive houses, police station and eight medium-cost houses and a post office.
Other infrastructure under construction include 20 low-cost and 20 medium-cost houses.
He said the buildings at roof level include the district administration block, civic centre and two executive houses, 20 low-cost and 10 medium-cost houses and the post office.
The district administration is being built at a cost of K5.7 million, civic centre and two executive houses (K5.8 million), police station and eight medium-cost houses (K14 million), 20 low-cost houses (K10.4 million), 10 medium-cost houses (K7 million), another 10 medium-cost housing project (K3.9 million), while the post office is expected to cost K3.4 million.
Mr Mukwato said Chikankata is also benefiting from the Link Zambia 8,000 road project as the contract to tar Chikankata road has already been awarded to Inyasi at a contractual sum of K48,622,764.
He said over 100 kilometres of feeder roads have been worked on by the council to help ease the mobility of people and goods.
On the Electronic-Voucher, he said so far, 93 percent of the 12, 700 targeted beneficiaries have successfully benefited from the programme.

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