Chiengele takes on cashew farming

IN almost all the chiefdoms, traditional leaders are perceived as role models by those they lead, and whatever they do, they can either have a positive or negative impact on their well-being.
This is why one chief in Western Province, Mwene Chiengele of the Mbunda people, has deliberately decided to take a leading role in cashew nut production as a way of motivating his subjects to take part in a local project called the “gold mine”.
Mwene Chiengele, born Josaya Mubukwanu Nyumbu III, has from inception embraced the revamped Cashew Infrastructure Development Project (CIDP) and does not want to leave his subjects behind on his way to amassing wealth.
He says cashew nut production is a lucrative business, and cultivating it entails saying goodbye to poverty, considering that a tonne of the commodity fetches more money than the same volume of copper on the international market.
Currently one tonne of processed cashew is fetching around US$10,000 while the same load of copper is below US$9,000.
Chief Mwene Chiengele is thankful to Government for revamping the cashew nut industry in Western Province.
“There is no better sector for one to invest in now than agriculture, and in particular cashew nut for us who are CLICK TO READ MORE

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