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Chiefs ask for more development

Chiefs in Central and North-Western provinces have resolved to petition the next president to foster development in the two regions.
This is according to a communique signed by Senior Chief Kasempa.
“There is urgent need to electrify all chiefs’ palaces and create new constituencies in Kasempa, Mufumbwe and Solwezi central constituencies,” he said.
Senior Chief Kasempa said traditional leaders must be involved in the development process of the two regions.
He also said road construction projects in the two regions must be properly structured.
Chief Kasempa also called for the establishment of a treasury account in all chiefdoms so that development can be effectively administered through central Government fiscal financing.
He also said the local government structure should properly define city and rural councils in relation to the chiefs who are custodians of land.
The chief also said the Nsakwa yaba Kaonde and Chiefs of Central and North-Western Provinces do not recognise the Council of Elders of North-Western Province.
“The chiefs announced that council of elders does not speak or represent the Kaonde people,” he said.
Chief Kasempa also said extractive industries in North-Western Province, which have obtained land from people must give 20 percent shares to local people through a trust fund.
He also said the road between Mumbwa and Kasempa must be tarred and bridges constructed on the Lunga and Kafue rivers.