Chief Singani renames chiefdom


CHIEF Singani of the Tonga people in Choma in Southern Province has changed the name of the chiefdom from

Singani to Cooma.
And Government has pledged continued support towards traditional leaders in Choma because they are agents of development and custodians of cultural heritage.
Kenneth Siayuula, who was until June 30, this year Chief Singani, will now be referred to as Chief Cooma and the chiefdom will also go by the same name.
Chief Cooma said after the ceremony on Friday that the name has been changed to preserve history, culture and heritage of the chiefdom.
He said the changing of the name of the chiefdom will also promote unity among the Cooma people in Choma district and pave way for development in line with the 2013-2017 Cooma chiefdom strategic development plan.
“We decided to revert to the name Cooma because it is the original name for the chiefdom and the chief to protect our heritage and culture and implement our strategic development plan,” Chief Cooma said.
And Choma district commissioner Sheena Muleya said Government will continue supporting traditional leaders in the district because of the role they play in fostering unity, promote development and preserve cultural heritage.
“Government values the relationship that it enjoys with chiefs and considers them as partners in the development agenda of the nation,” Mrs Muleya said.
She said Government is keen on issues of cultural and traditional heritage and this is shown through the support that traditional leaders in various chiefdoms across the country have continued to receive.
Mrs Muleya said President Lungu’s administration attaches great importance to the role the chiefs have continued to play in promoting peace and unite in the country and that Chief Cooma has been a good a partner in fostering such.
She said Government is making frantic efforts in trying to improve the living standards of the people and alleviate poverty among people regardless of their tribe or region of residence.

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