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Chief Mumporokoso gives youth resettlement project land

CHIEF Mumporokoso in Northern Province has allocated 3,000 hectares of land to the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development for the Agriculture Specialised Youth Resettlement project.
And another 16,000 hectares of land in Mufumbwe in North Western Province which is expected to carter for 1,000 youths by December this year has also been offered.
The Ministry’s Department of Youth Development assistant director Muma Mukupa said in an interview that 217 youths from various parts of the country have already settled on the land in Chief Mumporokoso’s area.
“The programme started in 2012 as a pilot project. The specialised youth development centres are meant to empower youths who want to venture into agriculture,” Mr Mukupa said.
He said the success of the project is also dependent on the willingness of traditional leaders across the country to offer land.
Mr Mukupa said the land provides for social amenities such as water, education and health facilities to allow for more youths to have an interest in the resettlement centre.
Mr Mukupa said Government through the help of the Zambia National Service is also ensuring a ready market is provided to the youths for their farm produce.
He said the programme is aimed at alleviating poverty in communities through the creation of youth employment.
Mr Mukupa said the programme, which started as a pilot project, is soon expected to roll out to all parts of the country.
He urged youths to take advantage of the programme and apply through district offices in their respective areas.
“The ministry facilitates for transport for selected youths, we also provide land, seed such as beans and vegetables and fertiliser as start-up. The ministry also provides tents,” he said.
He said the ministry is reaching out to young ones through the media, provincial offices, Government structures and the Church.
“We have engaged the ZNS to provide technical advice to the young people and provide market,” he said.

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