Chief happy with Lungu, PF rule

CHIEF Chipalo of the Bemba people in Luwingu has vowed to mobilise young people to vote for President Lungu in the 2016 elections.
Chief Chipalo said he is happy that President Lungu’s regime has given them electricity after 50 years of independence.
“I will tell my people to go and get national registration cards and register as voters so that in 2016, we can vote for the PF government for giving us electricity,” he said.
The chief said Government has demonstrated its commitment to empower and improve the livelihoods of the people of Luwingu by giving them electricity.
He said they would like to let the PF continue governing the country beyond 2016 because past governments failed them in terms of developing their rural community.
The chief was speaking at his palace in Luwingu when Deputy Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Development Richard Musukwa, in the company of Rural Electrification Authority chief executive officer Geoffrey Musonda, paid him a courtesy call.
“PF has come and our people are able to see for themselves… It is a miracle for the people to witness the coming of electricity in Luwingu,” he said.
The chief is hopeful that professionals such as teachers who have abandoned the village due to lack of electricity will now come back.

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