Chief Chikwanda lauds Government, counsels rebels

CHIEF Chikwanda of the Bemba-speaking people in Mpika has commended Government for delivering farm inputs in time and predicted a bumper harvest in the 2016/2017 farming season.
And Chief Chikwanda has urged opposition and some traditional leaders to stop attempts to frustrate Government unnecessarily in 2017.
The traditional leader said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the Patriotic Front (PF) administration has worked hard to empower farmers in comparison to previous administrations.
“It has never been seen where all peasant farmers have been given inputs to the point that they have been left with extra ones. Various clubs have approached me asking whether they could give me some fertiliser because they have plenty, we only pray for continuous good rainy patterns,” he said.
And Chief Chikwanda said leaders should lead exemplary lives by giving support to the government of the day and giving credit where it is due for the benefit of the nation.
He said it is absurd that some political and traditional leaders still want to encourage their subjects to rebel against the country’s leadership.
“Let’s embrace the spirit of oneness and unity in 2017. People should learn to understand that there is time for everything and learn to respects the ruling government. There is no point in continuing to be in denial and trying hard to retaliate when we can work together as a country and realise development,” Chief Chikwanda said.
He said “the beauty” about Zambia is that it is a Christian nation which believes in togetherness and unity.
Chief Chikwanda said traditional leaders should be in the forefront to encourage their subjects to adhere to Government’s policies and take advantage of its various initiatives to empower themselves.
Meanwhile, Chief Chikanta of the Tonga people in Kalomo district has called on Government to partner with traditional leaders to improve agriculture in rural areas.
Chief Chikanta said the country has so far experienced good rainfall and is likely to record a bumper harvest in the 2016/2017 farming season if the current rainfall pattern continues.
Speaking in an interview in Lusaka yesterday, the chief said farmers in his chiefdom have bought some farm inputs while waiting for the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) supplies.
“We always want to be ahead of time in our chiefdom and buy farm inputs in advance as we wait for those that come from FISP. We have experienced good rainfall so far and hopefully we should have a bumper harvest if rains continue like this,” he said.

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