Chibombo district sees increased water supply hours

CHILDREN in Kaluwawa area of Lukulu district enjoy fresh piped water. PICTURE COURTESY OF JCP

WATER supply hours in Chibombo have increased from an average of five to about 17 in a day following the sinking of two boreholes in the district by Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company (LgWSC).

Government pumped K1.2 million into the Chibombo Water Supply Improvement project which enabled LgWSC to drill two boreholes of which one is solar-powered.

LgWSC public relations manager Siwa Mwene said the water utility firm embarked on the project to improve Chibombo residents’ access to clean water.
Ms Mwene said the population growth in the district, expansion of infrastructure, effects of climate change and load- shedding, are among the factors that negatively affected provision of water in Chibombo and other districts in Central Province.
“This forced the company to look at alternative means to ensure that the people of Chibombo receive adequate water even beyond the service level guarantee of 22 hours a day,” she said.
Ms Mwene said the completion of the project is a milestone development as it has helped to improve people’s access to adequate clean water.
She said Chibombo residents will now be supplied with enough water even when there is load-shedding unlike in the past.
“With a solar-powered borehole, water supply will improve. Even in times of load shedding, people will still be able to access water,” Ms Mwene said.
She said following the successful installation of the solar-powered borehole in Chibombo, LgWSC is hoping to roll out similar projects to other districts in the province.
Ms Mwene said the project involved rehabilitation of an overhead tank to improve water storage, and extension of a two-kilometre water transmission line.
She said this will result in the extension of water supply to the New Boma area.
Ms Mwene also said houses in New Boma will be connected to the extended water service line for people to receive piped water.


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