Letter to the Editor

Chiawa employers must hire locals

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to call upon all safari lodges, farmers, and non-governmental organisations operating in Chiawa to respect the recently enacted labour laws by employing local people and not importing labour in the area.
Most organisations in Chiawa employ expatriates as general managers, managers and other key positions which people of Chiawa can handle or better still any qualified Zambian can do.
The new labour law enacted three months ago says: “where an organisation employs a foreigner, they must furnish the government by proving that Zambia does not have such qualified people”.
I therefore call upon all institutions to abide by this law and ensure that Zambians are given what they can do. We can’t just be relegated to small jobs such as tour guides, waiters, chefs, room attendant, cleaners, boatmen, and gardeners.
I also call upon the labour commissioner to ensure they follow this with keen interest.
Law is law, let it be respected or else I will embark on a journey of exposing and suing such people getting jobs which Zambians, and the people of Chiawa, in particular, can do.
Chiawa youth

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