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Cheaper solar equipment coming

IN A BID to supplement Government efforts of industrialisation, ID Solar Solutions Limited has started assembling affordable solar home system equipment locally, to enable the public access cheaper alternative energy.
ID Solar Solutions managing director Dirkpieter Idzenga said the company will continue developing initiatives that will help diversify Zambia’s electricity generation through investment in the energy sector to reduce over dependence on hydroelectricity.
To this effect, Mr Idzenga said the firm has received international co-funding to set up an assembling facility through the energy and environment partnership programme in southern and East Africa.
He said this in an interview when the company pledged to light up five classrooms at Lusaka’s Mango Grove Community School on Tuesday.
“ID Solar Solutions Limited recently started implementation of an assembly project where high quality affordable solar home systems are being assembled in Zambia. So far, we have done a lot of projects in various sectors such as the agriculture and education, among others.
“The aim of this project is to introduce new economic activities in Zambia where value can be added locally, resulting in wide-spread economic benefits such as job creation skills, training and rural electrification,” Mr Idzenga said.
He said the firm has employed about 20 local people and trained over 50 technicians in Zambia in the last seven years.
Commenting on the pledge, Mr Idzenga said the contribution supplied by ID solution Solutions Limited, and dedicated to the African Development Bank annual meeting, will help facilitate lighting for extra-curricular activities that are conducted after hours at the school.
Earlier, Grassroots Heroes Zambia (Mango Grove Community School) country coordinator Cosmas Zimba said most students that attend class at the school are underprivileged orphans who are at risk due to severe poverty, among other challenges.