Letter to the Editor

‘Cheap nonsense’ DStv advert offensive, unethical

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my disappointment at the manner in which some adverts have been couched, particularly

by DStv. Let me state from the outset that I am a subscriber of DStv because I believe their package is the best on the market so far especially that they televise football from leagues I like.
But I was appalled by the manner they have belittled and, in fact, attacked their competitors.
There is an advert running on radio which starts very well but ends something like “say goodbye to cheap nonsense”.
In my considered view, that’s a nonsensical way of advertising and it is very unethical. I believe all professions have basic ethics that should be adhered to without any compromise.
Adverts ought to pass a basic ethical standard test and I am afraid to say that the DStv one fails quite lamentably.
DStv have had some good adverts but this one is a total miss and an embarrassment to the marketing profession. There may be no regulations on the quality of adverts to be run but I think the Zambia Institute of Marketing needs to have a word on all poor adverts, including offensive ones such as the “cheap nonsense” one from DStv.
My word of advice to DStv is for them to just talk about the good of their services (which I enjoy) instead of attacking fairly-priced services from their competitors.

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