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CHARCOAL traders awaiting clearance at the Bulangililo checkpoint in Kitwe. PICTURE: NKOMBO KACHEMBA

Charcoal exports worry DC

NAKONDE District Commissioner Field Simwinga is concerned about the rampant export of charcoal to Tanzania among Zambians instead of valuable goods.
Mr Simwinga said Zambians have failed to take advantage of the sound bilateral economic relations between the two countries to export goods of high value.
He said most forests in Muchinga Province are being depleted of trees because of the retrogressive trend.
“The only trade I see from the Zambian side is export of charcoal to Tanzania, which is not good. We need to take advantage of our Nakonde border to export goods which are of high value,” he said.
Mr Simwinga said it is worrying that most of the goods being sold at the border come from Tanzania