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Character more important than money

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MONEY can make an irresponsible, unfaithful and abusive person seem to be a gentleman.
So, if you are a young woman who decides to marry an irresponsible man because of his wealth, please bear in mind that when the money vanishes, the abuser and irresponsible man in him will prevail.
I always tell women that when you marry a man because of his wealth, despite his bad character, always bear in mind that money is temporary.
When the money disappears, you will have to deal with his real character. Character, they say, is like a tea bag; its true colour is revealed in hot water.
Most people know the real character of their partners usually in bad times; when things are not working for them, when business is slow, when stress knocks them down and when frustration visits them.
The true test of his character is what will keep your marriage, but this does not come on your best days, rather your worst moments. You might meet him on his best days, when money is not a problem, but you will live in the worst days when money becomes a challenge.
Remember that character is who we are; it is that which informs our behaviour and actions.
It is easy to lose money, but difficult to lose one’s character. Do not love a man because of his wealth, but love him for his personality. Wealth or money should be bonus or secondary in a relationship, not primary.
The best comparison for character is a photograph. Photographs do not change even when the people in them change.
A man is not rich because of his wealth or money, but the things that he has which money cannot buy.
A man is rich by his integrity, his love for God and that for you. A man is rich in knowledge and not through properties. What will make a man keep you well is his character and not his money.
A man is rich by the way he spends his time with God and his woman. Time is one thing you can never get back when you lose it. If out of his busy schedules he makes time for God and you, his lover, such a man is rich. He is rich if he respects you, even in your absence.
Rich and handsome men are everywhere; but those rich at heart are hard to find, just as the saying goes: ‘‘Not all that glitters is gold.” Sometimes, rich men do not possess wealth but just need to be supported to be the best they can.
If you are a young woman thinking of a successful marriage and future, your goal should be to live rich and make your union richer, and not to get rich. You can get a rich partner, but with an uncaring personality.
Lastly, remember that a man can be rich, prayerful and keep up a holy appearance, but if he has bad behaviour, then he is not the right person to settle down with. Go for a man’s character as that is his true wealth.
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