CHAPRO disappoints Chungu

GOSPEL artist Abel Chungu.

GOSPEL artist Abel Chungu has expressed his disappointed over the management of the recent concerts dubbed ‘Sinach Live in Concert’, organised by Christians Arts Promotion (CHAPRO).

The artist said on a video he shared on his Facebook page that he will never work with CHAPRO again.
“I am not discouraging any artist but I am not going to do any events with CHAPRO in the future,” he said.
The renowned artiste was one of the leading artiste who were scheduled to perform at the concert that was slated for National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka and Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.
Unfortunately, the award winning artist did not perform at both concerts.
Known as a crowd puller in most of the events and featuring on the flyers, posters and billboards as one of the main acts at the concerts, Abel emotionally shared the reason why he never performed on a video on his Facebook page.
In a 6 minutes and 41 seconds video Abel said that CHAPRO didn’t meet the quality the concert deserved because the company didn’t not keep the promises it made with him and the audience.
In the video he complained that the event programme was not communicated to him and that the sound system was not a good quality for such an international event.
“I didn’t know the time I was supposed to perform, it was not communicated to me. I love quality, people shouldn’t complain after I minister, I don’t feel it’s right” he explained.
He added that the main local artistes like Ephraim and himself couldn’t perform at the Ndola Concert because transportation by CHAPRO was not provided to them.
“CHAPRO is a big company, it is not owned by an individual. Moreover it is a Christian company, I expect more out of the quality,” he said.
When Executive director for CHAPRO Andrew Chola was contacted by the Weekend Mail, he said that company is too big to respond to Abel and the company’s lawyer will handle the case.
“I am not in the right position to answer him, the lawyer will deal with the matter,” he said.
Abel advised events planners to treat local artistes with respect by keeping the promises made in the contracts.
“Flights were promised but nothing was given that day, on Sunday, I was home but I was supposed to be at the concert in Ndola for the performance,” he explained.
He added that people should get what they pay for, “how can a person buy a VIP ticket and complain of a sit? .This is not right and people should be treated right by these events planners,” he said.
He said he has worked with a lot of companies and that his contract with CHAPRO stipulated that he was supposed to be paid before going on stage.
“Am not attacking anyone but I have worked with PR Girl Media, Stanbic Bank, KCM and everyone knows the type of quality I deliver,” he said.

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