Chapro comes out fighting

SINACH on stage.

A MONTH after it was accused of mismanagement of the Sinachi concert by a number of local artistes, Christian Arts Promotions (CHAPRO) has now come out with a statement in which it catalogues a number of issues against Kings Malembe Malembe, Ephraim, Doxa, Pastor Choolwe and Pastor Walter Mwambazi.

There is certainly no love lost between Chapro on one hand and Kings, Ephraim, Doxa, Pastor Choolwe and Pastor Mwambazi on the other.
Chapro says it has stood with Ephraim through both the good and bad times including the time he was accused of impregnating a woman. It also says Ephraim owes it K19,000.
Chapro also claims that Kings obtained furniture from Carnival Furnishers and failed to pay for it until they moved in to assist.
Pastor Choolwe has been accused of sending emails to Sinachi to dent the image of Chapro while Doxa is said to owe a lot of artistes money, yet has the nerve to go round and tarnish its image, which it has built from 1999.
“Chapro has survived upto now because it has been faithful in hosting all the events. We’ve invited local and international artistes at our events and paid them. We’re the only organisation that receives money from sponsors and use it as stated in the proposal unlike other promoters,” spokesperson Chipego Sakala says.
“Ephraim was paid and he owes us K19,000 balance from the sale of tickets. Kings also owes us K5,000 from the sale of tickets.
“They sold tickets worth K25,000 each to their fans. Ephraim performed at one event, the allowance was K10,000. We paid him a deposit of K10,000 and he paid himself a K5,000 to clear his balance for one performance. If he is denying, we can engage our lawyer and he can assign his lawyer to get money from us if we owe him.
“As for Abel Chungu, we had a reconciliatory meeting.”
Chapro says for the record, it would like to make matters straight regarding gospel musicians.
It says it has been promoting Ephraim from the time he used to stay in Kalulushi until now.
“We gave him the title of Son of the Copperbelt and later Son of Africa. We’ve pumped more money in promoting him than we’ve benefited. Chapro has made many losses in promoting him but we believe it is our calling in serving God,” Chapro says.
“Chapro has been with Ephraim in good and bad times. For example, when he was accused of impregnating women, Chapro stood with him until he picked up broken pieces. But today, he’s going round churches and companies to dent our image.
“The public has approached us concerning his standing in the Lord but we defend him even if he may waver. Despite being accused of having children everywhere, he wants to show the church that he is holy.”
Chapro says it has been promoting Kings starting with his first album and it is currently sponsoring two members from his group who are studying teaching at a college in Lusaka.
“Kings hasn’t paid for them, it’s us. If we don’t care about their welfare, can we go this far? We’ve hosted events for him so many times and we’ve never had a successful event but we continue promoting his career,” it says.
“It’s unfortunate that he would say we are a bad organisation and failed to transport his band to Ndola.
“The same week, we paid Carnival Furnishers the money he owed them because they removed furniture from his house. That money was meant for transportation.”
Chapro says most gospel artistes are not ministers of God but are only in it for business.
“They don’t belong to any local church and have no spiritual fathers. No matter how they sin, there is no man of God who can discipline them. Some can have sex with a lady and go on stage there and then and sing fully. Maybe it’s a ritual,” Chapro says.
Chapro says while Doxa claims to be saints, they owe sponsors money which they failed to pay back after the artist refused to perform.
It also accuses Pastor Mwambazi of failing to run a church.
“This pastor is also a problem. He has failed to run a church and now sells herbal remedies. He failed to carry Charis Music and closed up. Let him come in the open and state who we owe money,” it says. “He is the motivator who lives a demotivated life.”

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