Changing lives with social cash transfer

EMMANUEL Chibiliti, 85, is one of the beneficiaries of the Social Cash Transfer programme (SCT) in Chifunabuli whose life has been transformed in the last six years.
Mr Chibiliti lives with his wife Irene and looks after seven orphans and two grandchildren in Mwita village.
Before he was identified and enrolled under the programme, Mr Chibiliti lived in a two-room grass-thatched house with his family.
Mr Chibiliti was quick to point out that his life has drastically changed since he was enrolled on the social cash transfer programme.
Spreading a reed mat for the visitors at his home, Mr Chibiliti was full of praises for the Government and stakeholders involved in the programme for uplifting the lives of the vulnerable in society particularly in Chifunabuli.
He is one of over 9,500 vulnerable people in the district who are currently benefitting from the programme in Chifunabuli.
“I was enrolled on the social cash transfer programme in 2015. At the time I used to live in a two-room grass thatched house. With the money I receive monthly, I was able to buy roofing sheets for the house we live in now. I built a four-room house using the money.
“I am also able to buy school uniforms for my CLICK TO READ MORE

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