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Changing culture of interactions



IT IS no secret that our interaction with one another has taken an impersonal form due to social media.
Hardly anyone has the interest anymore to maintain the culture of face-to-face discourse.
If anything, the culture of personal contact is being limited to two words, FOLLOW and LIKE, on Twitter and Facebook, respectively.
Forget about the telephone conversations, which have been limited to paging and fewer words due to the high cost of making calls.
I mean, if no-one has asked you to FOLLOW them on Twitter, don’t expect them to FOLLOW you home.
It is high time you showed them your accounts, I mean, your Twitter and Facebook accounts to FOLLOW and LIKE you.
Perhaps this is why thieves have also shifted their attention to social media, where most people spend more time chatting than practically visiting one another in the hood.
Unfortunately or fortunately, on social media, thieves operate under a nice title, Cybercrime, as opposed to Komboni crime in the hood.
On cybercrime you don’t find low-life criminals who make away with bras and underwears on the wash line in the backyard in the hood.
This is the only community where thieves can FOLLOW you, LIKE your account and offer you huge sums of money before stealing it from you again.
I don’t know about you, sometimes when I venture into my other hood, social media, I sometimes find that Miss Christy Mokobia from Ivory Coast needs my help to assist her deposit millions of dollars through my account.
If it is not Miss Mokobia, you find a message from Mr Adebayo from Nigeria asking to help him spend US$200 million, of course after showing him your bank account.
Which thief on ‘Komboni crime’ in the hood can ask you to spend millions of Kwacha or dollars with him or her?
Actually, the only people in the hood who are ready to share their loot with you are shylocks or money lenders before they shower you with coarse invectives when you default. That’s your real world.
However, it’s amazing what kind of friends you can get on social media. In fact, some CLICK TO READ MORE