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Changing yourself for the better

According to Robin Sharma, most people believe that it takes months and years to transform their lives. Actually you can literally change your life in an instant, by making a single decision never to go back to the way you have been living before – no matter what. What takes months, years and sometimes decades is the maintenance required to abide by that decision.
I believe that no matter where you are and what you do for a living, you too can make a choice between staying in a comfort zone of bad friends, bad habits and a negative self-image or sacrifice the ‘fun’ you experience in these bad friends and bad habits by getting rid of them in order to experience your transformation to the most positive person with so much potential for success.
Some people sacrifice their dreams and goals just to stay in the company of bad friends. You may feel you are not popular enough at school, college or university, then you decide to start spending more time with the popular groups even when this means spending less time attending lessons or being in the library.
Even when you doubt it, you have unique qualities that compensate your weaknesses, regardless of what your weaknesses may be. For example, you may be handicapped but intelligent and kind, you may not look as attractive as you would love to but you have that cheerful smile and charisma that attracts people, etc. There is always something good about you that compensates your weaknesses. It is dependent on you to discover what your weaknesses really are just so that you know them and are conscious of them enough not to let people make you feel bad when they make fun of you.
Make a decision today not to let those bad habits, friends and other activities get in the way of you becoming the best that you can be. Do something about it today and aspire never to go back to those vices. You need to understand that you have the potential to become anything you ever wish to be in your life. You will either become great or not, depending on how much you believe in yourself.
Do not judge yourself harshly based on your past mistakes. Do not blame yourself based on the past that you do not have any control over, rather, focus on today! The day that you have currently and make a decision to become the best person you know, then act on that decision right away. Look at each new day as an opportunity for a great beginning.
Take full responsibility of the mistakes that you made in the past, understanding and accepting that you needed those mistakes in order to know more about yourself. Choose not to believe everything negative that people say about you but honestly look at your life to determine if there are any negative aspects of your personality or behaviour that you need to change.
If there is anything negative about your behaviour and you know that it will limit your potential for growth, then make a decision to deal with it and act on that decision right away. Whether it is to quit drinking, smoking or to stop spending time with those bad friends, do it.
Let your workplace have one less inefficient employee, let your family have one less smoking relative, let your community have one less alcoholic, let your marriage have one less unfaithful spouse. Work on yourself and do it right now. Remember, when you change yourself then you can positively influence a family member, who can positively influence your community and before you realise it, you will have changed the world.
The author is a motivational speaker, author and behaviour change activist. Contact or 0961949649