Changfa mining to revive Mokambo copper production

COPPER cathodes.

CHANGFA Mining Limited is planning to start copper ore production at the old Mokambo mine in Mufulira by mid-next year.
The company will invest over US$260 million to revive the old mine and create over 3,000 jobs when in full production.
Mokambo mine in Mufulira was closed in the 1960s and a Chinese investor plans to start underground mining operations.
In an interview yesterday, Changfa Mining Limited operations manager Lyu Purry said the company is waiting for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedures expected to be completed soon.
“We are still waiting for the EIA from the authorities, we have planned to start operations by mid-next year after we undergo all the mining procedures,” he said.
Mr Purry said the underground mining operation is expected to produce 3,000 tonnes of mineral ore per day.
“So far, we have created 20 jobs for the local people and over 3,000 jobs will be created when in full production,” he said.
Mr Purry, who commended Zambia’s investment environment, said the company has already started mobilising resources.

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