Chanda Mbao exudes patriotism


HIP HOP artiste Chanda Mbao has announced plans for the release of his 14-track mixtape called The Patriot, which explains aspects of his

life, especially why patriotism is so important to him, from the context of a young Zambian who has travelled a lot.
A few songs on the mixtape specifically talk about patriotism simply because being Zambian is part of Chanda’s identity.
“A lot of people have a perception of me that makes them think that I may not be proud to be Zambian,” says Chanda, who was based in the United States up until 2014.
Being based outside Zambia for a nine-year period made him an ambassador of sorts and the worldly experiences have also helped shape his music.
Moving back to Zambia meant wrestling with doubts of whether or not his style of music would be well received but he admits that he may have been wrong to question the enthusiasm of Zambians here regarding his music.
While he raps mainly out of passion, he also tries to communicate what he feels others may relate to.
“For me, I very much will do only what I want to do but I don’t want to feel like I am speaking to deaf ears either, I want to feel like there is someone out there that can relate and someone out there that would want to listen to my music,” he says.
He admits that it can be tough managing a schedule as a relatively new artiste on the local music scene and carrying out a vision as an artiste still establishing himself can be a challenge while opportunities have to be found.
He and his business partner started a company a year ago through which they decided to organise shows.
Last December, following this decision, he came together with some artistes to host an event in Lusaka called Starnight.
“I wanted those opportunities to perform but there were the obvious challenges of not being called and wanting to do shows on your own terms,” he explains regarding the decision to begin organising his own events.
He also plans to launch his mixtape in Lusaka once it is released and as soon as a budget is finalised with would-be sponsors.
Chanda formally entered music in 2012 and was previously living and studying in the US and making music as an individual since he was around the age of nine.
In 2013, he released his first body of work called Desiderata, which he debuted as a mixtape on United States websites.
In 2015, via an introduction by hip hop artiste Kaladoshas, Chanda met producer Shom-C and began working with him leading to the single Selfish that introduced his music to the Zambian public.

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