Letter to the Editor

Chamba Valley Meanwood roads: Boma itiyanganepo

Dear editor,
IT SEEMS this year the rains have come earlier than expected. While in previous years signs of rains only started showing in December, this year the story is different. This is October and some rains have been recorded in some areas.

While this is good news for farmers, it is a nightmare for Chamba Valley Meanwood residents who have to endure impassable roads.
The chairman of the Kwamwena Residents Association recently announced that the Road Development Agency (RDA) had allocated the area 3.5 kilometres of road construction. While this is not enough to cover the wide area, it will go a long way in helping residents get to work and back to their homes.
However, my concern is when will the road construction begin? As can be seen the rains are eager to start watering the earth.
We desperately need the road before the rains intensify otherwise our annual nightmares of getting stuck in the mud regularly will BE BACK.
The residents are traumatised by the fact that when it rains the roads become impassable and getting to and from the area is a daily miracle.
During the rainy season care takers take advantage of the impassable roads to rake money from motorists who get stuck on a daily basis. This is an added cost to fuel and maintenance of the cars.
What is more painful is that no matter how good the condition of the car is it only takes a few months of using the Chamba Valley Meanwood roads to become a wreck.
Tapapata Boma itiyanganepo!

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