Chama connects to other districts

GOVERNMENT has injected K116 million into the construction of Kampemba and Luangwa bridges in Chama district to connect the area to the rest of Muchinga Province.

And the installation of nine solar-powered milling plants allocated to Chama at a US$70,000 will start this month.
Chama district commissioner Leonard Ngoma said the two bridges,which are being constructed by China Rail Construction Company, will accelerate trade between Chama and other districts.
He was speaking after inspecting the construction site of Kampemba Bridge to check on the progress since the commencement of works in April, this year.
“We are likely to see increased trade and investments in the district. We have been cut off from the rest of the province for a long time. Most of the people here still feel that we are part of Eastern Province because even our farming inputs are sourced from Eastern Province, which is easily accessible,” Mr Ngoma said.
China Rail site engineer Wang Haoran says works on the bridges will be completed within eight months.
And Chama acting senior agriculture officer Christopher Mwila said in an interview that the nine solar-powered milling plants that have been allocated to the district are not enough to cater for all chiefdoms.
“We have seven chiefdoms in the district and only four chiefdoms will directly benefit from the solar milling plants,” Mr Mwila said.
He, however, expressed happiness that the installation of the milling plants will result in the reduction of mealie meal prices in the district.
Mr Mwila said a lot of job opportunities will also be created for the local people.


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