Chama boosts troops morale in CAR


MINISTER of Defence Davies Chama has urged Zambians to safeguard the peace that the country has enjoyed for decades.

Mr Chama says the country cannot afford to lose the peace it has enjoyed because of politics.
He was speaking in Bria in the Central African Republic (CAR) on Wednesday when he visited the Zambian troops on a peace-keeping mission in that country under the auspices of the United Nations (UN).
“One of the impressions that I have obtained from this tour is that, at no particular point in time should we lose the peace that we have enjoyed for the past 53 years. This is what conflict can bring to a nation. That is why as Zambians, we should be united as one,” he said.
Mr Chama commended the Zambian troops for being instrumental in restoring peace in the Central African Republic.
“I am impressed with the performance of our officers. The local leadership attests to the fact that their performance has been outstanding. We encourage our men and women in uniform to keep it up,” Mr Chama said.
Meanwhile, Zambia Army deputy commander Jackson Miti urged the troops not to relent in ensuring peace is fully restored to the Central African Republic.
Major general Miti, who is also Zambia Army chief of staff, said the Zambia Army is committed to contributing peace-keepers to war-torn countries.
“The information that we are getting from the locals here is positive. This place was actually called triangle of death but since Zambian troops were deployed to this area, peace has actually been restored,” Gen Miti said.
He said Mr Chama’s visit boosted the troops’ morale.
Gen. Miti said Zambia is committed to contributing troops to UN peace-keeping missions.
This is according to a statement issued by the Zambia Army public relations unit.

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