Chain stores sing ‘local is laka’ hymn

WHILE coronavirus continues to cause havoc on various economic sectors, the pandemic on the other hand presents an opportunity to unlock and turn around Zambia’s agriculture sector.
Restrictions imposed to halt the spread of COVID-19 have stimulated a robust revival of locally produced foods and products in the country.
Although access to reliable markets is a challenge for small-scale farmers, lockdowns in neighbouring countries have broadened chances of local producers to exploit home-grown solutions by producing and supplying to local chain stores.
Early this year, President Edgar Lungu directed the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry to ensure that chain stores prioritise local agricultural products.
For a long time, small-scale farmers were unable to supply to local chain stores due to poor quality, low productivity and lack of consistency.
However, this is about to change following Musika’s intervention to develop capacity of smallholder farmers to produce quality and quantity that will meet the market demands through market linkages, training and establishment of fruit and vegetable storage facilities.
Recently, Musika signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Chipri Enterprises Zambia Limited to establish an out-grower scheme to boost supply of quality fruits and vegetables in Lusaka, Southern, Central and CLICK TO READ MORE

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