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Certify products, manufacturers told

THE Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has called on local manufacturers to certify their products to sustain the quality, safety and competitiveness of the goods and services are on the market.
ZABS head-marketing and public relation Hazel Zulu said product certification is a scheme that demonstrates that a specific product meets a defined set of requirements such as safety, quality and fitness for use.
In a statement availed to the Daily Mail yesterday, Mrs Zulu said local manufacturers should also be alive to the fact that product certification is an important pre-requisite for business growth because certified products open doors to both local and international markets.
“Local manufacturers should take keen interest in having their products certified to affirm the quality, safety and competitiveness of the goods and services they are putting or intend to put on the market.
“We would therefore like to encourage industry to opt for product certification, as the use of the product certification mark on a product provides the manufacturer with a recognised marketing advantage and greatly influences the purchase decision for the consumer. It is also evidence of compliance to standards,” she said.
She said product certification also demonstrates to consumers that a product meets the applicable safety and performance standards in a country of origin.
Currently, ZABS has certified 65 local companies and some of the products covered under this scheme include: bottled water, animal feeds, number plates, clear beer, cooking oil, cement, and maize meal to mention but a few.
Product certification is a voluntary Quality Assurance Scheme that promises guaranteed quality to the consumer and good manufacturing practices to the producer.