CEEC boosts Petauke entrepreneurs

THE Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) has given out almost K2 million to private companies in Petauke district.
District commissioner (DC) Velenasi Banda said the funds totalling K1, 854,912.00 were disbursed through Natsave and micro bankers. The funded activities include trading, milling and manufacturing.
“This will surely add a lot of value to the already existing economic ventures that are taking place in the district and because of the funded projects, the much needed employment has been created,” Ms Banda said.
She said apart from CEEC releasing funds, six youth groups have benefited from the Youth Development Fund and have received a total amount of K238,701.00. This money is expected to assist youths earn a livelihood.
Ms Banda said Petauke is one of the major groundnut growing districts and she was happy that small holder farmers are able to produce a number of products of groundnuts that include peanut butter, cooking oil and groundnut flavoured snacks for sale.
She said apart from the groundnuts products, small-scale farmers have also started producing oil and cake for feed from sunflower.
The DC said small-scale farmers face challenges like limited marketing opportunities, lack of appropriate production and processing equipment, limited and high cost of finance and lack of value addition skills.
Ms Banda called on Government to create more marketing opportunities through co-operating partners and create an enabling environment for small holder farmers.
She also called for the need to improve the cost of financing projects and training small scale farmers in value addition.

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