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CEC Village is a sorry sight

Dear editor,
I HAVE lived in the so-called CEC Village (Copperbelt Energy Corporation Village) since 1991 when it was called ZCCM Power Division Village, formerly CPC Village.
It is a sorry sight!
If Arthur Davison could come back from the dead and saw this once ‘model’ township in Kitwe’s Nkana East, he would re-die of a heart attack!
1. The roads have potholes like never seen before. Previous efforts to mend them by the inhabitants have only been temporary. Every rainy season, these are washed away.
CEC Plc used to help out in patching a “few” potholes.
They have now completely stopped doing that.
Why is it that we Africans only allow things to wear down without any periodic maintenance plan in place?
Can the civic authority and Government have a future road refurbishment programme in this area, please?
2. Play parks, within this area, are completely derelict and overrun with grass. Surely, even hiring of a lawnmower by CEC Plc as part of their community social responsibility is too much?
I have been made aware that we even have a councillor staying here. Don’t they see?
Please, may the relevant authorities look into this.