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CDF comes in handy for Chipangali


‘WE commend President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND [United Party for National Development] government for increasing the constituency development fund (CDF) from K1.6 million to K25.7million,” Chipangali Town Council chairperson Mason Nkhoma says. Mr Nkhoma said increased CDF has addressed decentralisation of government programmes. He said with increased allocation of CDF, Chipangali, which was declared a district in 2017 will develop at a faster pace. Chipangali, Lusangazi, Kasenengwa, Lumezi and Chasefu were declared districts five years ago. Prior to being declared districts, Chipangali and Kasenengwa were part of Chipata while Lumezi and Chasefu were under Lundazi. Lusangazi was part of Petauke.
Mr Nkhoma said the K25.7 million will see Chipangali increase the scope of work that will be undertaken in the district. Zambia has 156 constituencies and the CDF is sent in four instalments. “We are happy for the new dawn government for increasing CDF and it was increased significantly,” Mr Nkhoma said. He said the scope of work to be undertaken will be developmental so that the district’s growth could be at a terrific pace. Among the projects being embarked on is the building of schools, teachers’ houses and clinics among others. “The increased CDF can see us [Chipangali Town Council] fund the construction of a secondary school from CLICK TO READ MORE