CCPC unveils vehicles towing market inquiry

FOLLOWING complaints that affected motorists do not realise value of their money, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has unveiled a market inquiry on towing of vehicles involved in accidents or breakdowns.
Several motorists have complained that privately-owned tow-vehicles usually appear at scenes of accidents or breakdown and immediately start towing the vehicles to the nearest police stations even without consent or agreeing on the fees to be paid by the affected people.
CCPC is since requesting for information from the public who are not satisfied with conditions of service rendered and the price charged by such firms.
“We are conducting a market inquiry in the towing sub-sector, this is in view of complaints received from consumers in the towing sub-sector that were not satisfied with conditions of the services, and did not realise the value of their money,” CCPC says.
“To understand the sector better and protect consumers of the towing service, CCPC is inviting members of the public around the country to submit their experiences,” the notice read in part.
It stated that CCPC is mandated to review the operations of the market in Zambia and the conditions of competition in those markets.
“CCPC is also mandated to protect consumers, to achieve this, the Commission undertakes market inquiries in order to understand and appreciate the operations of a sector of the economy,” it stated.

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