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Editor's Comment

Needless loss of life

HOW painful it must be for a mother, friends, relatives and members of the Kamanga community to lose one of their own so needlessly and so abruptly.  What is...

Editor's Comment

PAYE relief glimmer of hope

THE increase of the Pay as You Earn (PAYE) threshold from K3,300 to K4,000 comes at an opportune time when the need for relief among the workforce is greater...

Editor's Comment

Protect girl-child

IT’S common now to hear stories of underage girls being sexually abused by known people in communities.
But the thought of seeing a girl-child being...

Editor's Comment

Works speak for PF

THE Patriotic Front’s developmental agenda is there for all to see.
In the slightly over a decade since the PF has been in office, it has developed the...

Editor's Comment

Quality assurance critical

THE seepage of Paracetamol with wrong specifications into the country and subsequent administration to citizens is an anomaly which can have grave consequences...

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