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Resolve matter quickly

THE release of US$3.8 million to pay Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) suppliers and contractors is a great turn of events.What isn’t exactly splendid,
however , is...

Editor's Comment

Let the needy benefit

IT IS good that a vast majority of Churches and faith-based organisations appreciate the support Government continues to extend to them. Through the years...

Editor's Comment

Protect journalists

WHEN election campaigns reach fever pitch, journalists become targets of some political party cadres.
Journalists have for some time now become vulnerable as...

Editor's Comment

Lessons from PF indaba

ZAMBIAN politics is headed for inclusiveness going by the gesture exhibited by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party at their on-going conference.
For the...

Editor's Comment

Stand up for FISP

IT IS not by accident that year after year Zambia is recording bumper maize harvests. The right policies in the agriculture sector, backed by apt...

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Plan for peaceful polls

PEACE is what every well-meaning citizen of the country wants to see before, during and after the August 12, 2021 elections.
Peace comes with several benefits...

Editor's Comment

Policies do matter

THE switching of political allegiances cannot be ignored. Especially not in an election year and when these loyalties involve bigwigs. Any such change of camp...

Editor's Comment

Drivers must stop protest

FUEL is everything – people’s movements, transportation of goods, emergency services such as ambulances and fire-fighting vehicles, for use in electricity...

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