Castrate defilers, demands mayor


NDOLA mayor Amon Chisenga has suggested that men who defile girls or who marry them early should be castrated as a solution to curbing the scourge as opposed to revising the Marriage Act.

And Mr Chisenga has assured the affected marketeers at the recently burnt Kapalala Market that no-one will lose their trading space once the market is reconstructed.

Speaking in an interview with the Sunday Mail on Friday, Mr Chisenga said giving long sentences to culprits and revising the Marriage Act have over the years not provided the solution to the problem.
“I am of the view that whoever will be found defiling or marrying a girl below the right age must be castrated. In the past, people have been slapped with harsh jail sentences over the same issue but it has not provided any positive results as acts of defilement are still happening in our communities,” he said.
Mr Chisenga said castration will be the only effective way of curbing defilement as it will instil fear and act as a deterrent against would-be offenders.
He said castration of men would not be an infringement on human rights but a way to protect children.
“Defilement is an infringement of the rights of a girl-child therefore, people who defile others must not have their rights protected but infringed upon also. Defilement has a huge psychological impact on the victim and it must be curbed at all cost,” Mr Chisenga explained.
Meanwhile, Mr Chisenga has assured victims of the recently burnt Kapalala Market that they will all have their trading spaces once construction of the modern market is completed.
He said Government has identified alternative land where the affected marketeers will build their stalls.


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