Castor bean value chain money-spinner

HARNESSING the castor bean value chain has potential to diversify Zambia’s economy from being mining-dependent to agriculture.
Since Zambia got independence on October 24, 1964, mining has been the mainstay of the economy.
Life Brand Agric Services Zambia managing director Israel Kembo said exporting processed castor bean is a big opportunity to expand Zambia’s foreign exchange and job creation.
Speaking on Friday during the launch of the Zambia Castor Industry Multipurpose Cooperative Society (ZCIMCS), Dr Kembo, who is the founder of the organisation, said the market is already there but there is need to increase production of the multipurpose crop.
He said castor bean has potential to turn around Zambia’s economy through production, processing and export of the crop to international markets.
Castor bean can be used in various sectors of the economy starting from agriculture, manufacturing and the health sector.
“There is too much demand for castor bean crop as it can be used to make hair oil, bio-diesel, spices, plastic lubricants, organic fertiliser and medicinal purposes, among others. This is why we have decided to come up with this cooperative to see how best we can increase the CLICK TO READ MORE

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