Cassie revels in Sotambe

CASSIE at the Sotambe Festival.

FILMMAKER Cassie Kabwita the Southern African film making competition – Feature Film Award which she won for her film Kwacha at the just ended Sotambe Documentary Film and Arts Festival is a challenge for her to work even harder.
The feature film was awarded alongside Suzyo Mwale (Blunder) – Upcoming Filmmaker; Paul Wilo (Mirrors) – Upcoming Filmmaker in TV’ Juliet Mambwe (Monarch of Dreams) – Southern African Filmmaking Competition for Short Film; and Preston Mwila (Kalumbila) – Southern African Filmmaking Competition for a Documentary.
Although Maynard Muchangwe was the name read out at the awards, it is Cassie Kwacha who produced the movie.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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