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CASSAVA has often been pointed out as an alternative to maize.

Cassava value chain project rolled out

ABOUT 30 kilometres away from Mumbwa town, a usually quiet locality in Nalusanga ward recently became a beehive of activity. A smallholder project in cassava growing was being launched to 500 small-scale farmers, most of them being women.
One of the beneficiaries, Yoranta Muntanga, a retired school teacher who has now taken up farming, could not hide her excitement. Together with other residents of Nalusanga ward, Mrs Muntanga is elated at the development and looking forward to implementation of the project. ‘’We are getting cassava cuttings from Zhongkai International (a Chinese firm which was commissioned and started operations in the country in 2019). Afterwards, we will be selling the cassava tubers to them. The benefits are myriad because we will not only sell the cassava to a ready market at Zhongkai but we’ll also be using the cassava leaves as relish in our homes,” she said in an interview. In Mumbwa district, there are many cooperatives and more women who are geared for this project. However, there is need for the farmers to be trained in cassava training. “This is the first kind of project here, though we were given cassava cuttings before by other organisations, but they could not buy tubers from us. Now this makes this project unique. All we are asking for also is for CLICK TO READ MORE